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Video: Man shoots step-daughter's boyfriend b/c they were having sex. This was pretty disturbing to mea��.So, a step-dad walks in on his teen-aged daughter having sex with her boyfrienda��what does he do? 1. Leave and allow them to finish? ...VIDEO - An Apopka, Florida teenager was shot four times after he was caught having sex with the shooter's daughter, police said... ... That boy is lucky that step daddy didn't zap that third leg off! I don't care what color he is. If he I bold enough to go into that mans house and have sex with the step daughter, then he's going to face whatever consequences that follows. Many feel dad overreacted, but until one faces that situation, one can't say what they would or would ...While most celebrities treat their families to flash cars, sprawling mansions and designer wares once they hit the big time, Lady Gaga has revealed she went a step further, buying her father a new heart. Speaking to a US radio station, the songstress told ... 'When this happened I really just kinda said, "I don't wanna do anything for the next two weeks; I just wanna be with my dad and be a good daughter."' LADY GAGA'S ULTIMATE FASHION MOMENTS. Wednesday 28 October 2009 ...VIDEO - An 18-year-old Florida man shot while he was having sex with a teenage girl is talking about his ordeal.... ... And even here it's not ok, or the stepdad wouldn't be in jail without bond. "Come on man, what parent, especially fathers, considers weather this is a common occurence when a young thug is procreating with his underage daughter, under the roof in which he and his spouse has been provided as a safe haven for the familiy." ...NEW YORK a�� A mother accused of drunkenly causing a high-speed wreck managed to pull her own 11-year-old daughter from the mangled, overturned car as another girl lay dying on the roadside, prosecutors said Friday. ... I've always thought that a nice step in curbing our drunk driving problem would be to outlaw the sale of cold beer and wine. A cold 40 oz. at a 7-11 is there for one reason - so a person can drink it immediately, and most people are driving when they buy ...2 of capital murder in the death of her daughter, who was beaten and had her head forced into a pillow and held under cold bath water. The injuries were suffered during a day-long disciplinary session, testimony in Trenor's trial revealed. ... Zeigler's (Baby Grace's step dad) trial is expected to last two weeks. It is in Galveston, Galveston County, Tx. Baby Grace was from Mentor, Ohio. Today her paternal grandmother, Sheryl Sawyer, from Mentor, Ohio testified. 15 yr old daughter is going to be staying in England then she can finish her education and college, My 20 yr old son is moving to Sweden in the next month or so, so the only problem i have is Michael; he is 19 in December. he doesn't really ... He is coming over to help his step dad rebuild and make nice whatever property we buy and help me set up some kind of business. I am hoping this move is going to show him there is more out there and he can still look for jobs in ...So I feel like the last couple of weeks have been a blur - all I've managed to post is my Marriage Mondays and a funny YouTube video. So, what's been up in the life of Crystal you might ask? Well, you might ask, but then again you might not ... I miss my mom - she moved last year with my step-dad to a little podunk town in Texas called "Happy" it's about 30 minutes outside of Amarillo. My step-dad is from there, and he has brothers and sisters that all still live in town. ...I reported such a case at the American Journal of Color Arousal (AMJCA) on August 14, 2009: The television news report in this YouTube video says that 150 children per year die in Brazil while styling their hair, with 49% dying as the result of ... I'm revolted that a step-dad would post a diary about being "revolted" by his daughter because of her choice of hair style and I'm revolted that this gets promoted here. If this is the worst decision your daughter makes, ...My mom married her elementary school crush 7 years ago, and my stepdad went from a swinging bachelor to a stepfather for three. It's been rough at times, but I know the five of us have loved it so much, and cherish having each other in our lives. ... She talks about her initial uncertainty, and then with her husband's help learning to follow her heart and now absolutely LOVING being a stepmom. Below is a link to her video. I hope you like it as much as I do. Take care. ...
Okay here is the main problem with my family well my step side of the family. My step sister who is an adult is mooching and being a freeloader off my dad, she eats constantly and doesnt clean up after herself. She is very negative, hostile towards my dad, and manipulative on her mom. She is 20 something years old and shes also pregnant living in my dads and my step moms home. My older step sister had her boyfriend who she concieved with living at home and man they were the duo-moochers. Also my step sister does not even have a job, and while my Dad is trying to get his degree online shes always making noise even after he tells her to quiet down. All the trouble she made my dad had to pay for, her stupid car, hot checks, whatever other crap she did. She can't even try to help her mom without being told to, my step sister is living in a fantasy world. By the time my step sisters boyfriend got kicked out because my dad could not take it anymore. He was already angry to begin with, and yeah he cussed and yelled at the boyfriend to get out (and he did finally). Now here is another part, my step mom says that the boyfriend is a part of the family (which he's really not), he lied about trying to get a job, he ate most of the food, he keeps playing with his video games while not looking for a job, hes 24, and he was try to make people feel sorry for him (he was pretty pathetic). And my step mom had the nerve to say my Dad has bipolar disorder, I think there is something wrong in my step mom's head because all she's been doing is stepping up for her daughter which the daughter has been twisting things around. My dad thinks he has bipolar and he does not have bipolar, he's been constantly mad ever since my step sister moved back in when she is a freaken adult. My step sister had a full ride to a university and guess what she did, rejected it. She is a loser now with a baby, but her life is going to have alot of problems. My step mom thinks its all my dads fault, and what I really want to say to my side of the step family is WAKE THE HELL UP! So all I can do is tell my Dad that he is not wrong for getting angry, and he's not bipolar. He wants to work it out with my step mom, but the real cause of the problems come from my step sister, she needs to grow up and get a job and stop being so lazy. All I have to do is wait for her to change if she wants to of course. She disrespects my dad, and never thanks him for anything, shes full of it. Eventually she's going to have to move out, because my Dad will not take care of the baby and my step mom cant either. So hopefully things change for the better, so how would you feel if you were in this situation?

Okay, this might be a long one. My husband has two teenage step daughters. One is 14 and the other 16. The 16 year old looks and dresses like a boy. Dont worry, we have thought of abuse...there isnt any. Whenever she plays video games she names her charecter Marcus. She has lied and told us she doesnt have a facebook accountk, but she does and she has it under the name Marcus. That was easy to find, I just looked at her best friends profile and it shows her friends. I have also seen IM's from this girl to my stepdaughter and she pretends to be this "boy" when she talks. I have brought this up to my husband and he is in denial, either that or he doesnt want to deal with it.

The 14 year old is dressing and acting like a girl. She has recently been caught in a lie. This past summer she said she wanted to live with us so we moved from our city to their town so they wouldnt have to change schools or be away from their mom. Keep in mind we had to drag my 8 year old son out of his school to make sure they were happy and not move them from theirs. My son and I also moved out here to this state from our home state when I met my now husband. Anyways we do a week on, and a week off. This past friday they went to the football game without asking their dad. Then when we were waiting for them to call so we could pick them up...we find out our youngest goes to her friends house to spend the night. She says her mom told her she could, when she really said to ask her father. They were walking the streets at 11pm 4 girls mind you. They went to her moms house to get her camera...whos to say they didnt sneak out and go anywhere else? We found out the next morning, told her to come home only to have her talking back to her dad and going home to wait for her mom. After work her mom brought her over and we had a big family talk. She was grounded for the weekend and lost her phone for a day. I had a feeling something was up so I looked through her phone. Come to find out she was bragging to all her friends about how she was grounded and that she yelled at her dad because he was an ***hole. I have talked to my hubby and he is so pathetic. I love him but he never punishes them, thats why they do all the things they do. They get away with everything, and yet he yells at my son for any little thing and he is only 8! What do we do? I dont want to hear about privacy. We pay for the phone so it our phone. She shouldnt be sneaking out, lying, calling her dad names. None of it. We moved here for them and they dont even appriciate it. Their mom cheated on their dad and for some reason they think she is so great and they treat their dad like whatever.
1. My hubby and I have talked about the difference between the girls and my son. I get the feeling he is hard on him because he wasnt on his own girls. Either way we end up fighting.

2. I wont move back home, we are married and I love him very much he is very very good to us.

3. We DID do the summer/vacation swaps. We didnt move to the same town just to keep the same sched. We went from a 3 bdrm to a 5 bdrm house that costs way more. Trust me the whole point in moving was to see them more than the weekends.

4. I know she is probably gay. Im from San Francisco so I get it.

5. They act like such saints when we talk to them, I dont know if their mom will enforce any groundings...I think she will but who knows. I just dont get how they can be so ungrateful. They live in a crappy trailer....WE BUY EVERYTHING FOR THEM! I just dont get it.
I have asked "D" why she dresses the way she does. She also used to have long hair and chopped it to a boys cut. All her clothes are mens clothes. She is more than just a tomboy. Her mom allowed her to dress that way. She will cry if we try to make her wear anything else. When we go out to eat people call her sir. We even had ppl look at our home and said her room was clean for a boys room. The other one has no reason to resent her dad. She is spoiled. My hubby is the strong silent type. Most of the time I just think he doesnt know what to say. Whenever I try to talk to him, he just says he doesnt want to talk about it anymore, then gets mad at me for putting it in his head to begin with.

My fiancee's daughter is 14. Over the last few months she has been flirting with me, or at least I believe that's what it is. She never does this when her mother is around. Some examples...

A while back I was helping her hang posters in her room. The old song "I touch myself" came on the radio and she turned it up and looked right at me whan she sang it. Creeped me right out. I ignored it. Later she was playing Guitar Hero and was playing "Cherry Pie" by Warrant. I went to take out the garbage. She paused it and waited for me to come back in to continue.

More recently I had dozed off laying on the sofa and she pounced on me (scared the daylights out of me too). She looked down at me and pushed her gum out of her mouth and it landed on my lips. Were my mouth open it would have landed in my mouth. I stuck the gum on her shoulder and told her I was trying to watch TV.

She then went to the computer and was surfing youtube. She insisted I come see this video, and it was a group of boys lipsyncing the song "Boom boom boom boom I want you in my room." (Do a lyrics search if you aren't familiar with it.)
I have tried to talk to her mother and that is a waste of time. Her mom refuses to believe any of it because it never happens in her presence and because I don't fit the type of guy her daughter normally likes. She blows it off. When I press it telling her it is important, she says it's not true but she thinks I want it to be true.
The 14 year old has never had a stable father in her life. Her biological father chose drug dealing over her and her (former) step dad didn't have time for her. She has made comments that make it clear she wonders when I am going to abandon her as well.

I know what *not* to do, meaning I would never ever take advantage of the situation. While I think she is beautiful I'm not attracted to her. But I also don't know what TO do. The last thing I want to do is hurt or embarrass her in any way. I love her too much to ever do that.

Because of her mothers complete lack of caring or understanding and me being unable to figure out how to handle this, I am seriously considering ending the relationship. I love my fiancee but this one of a few issues going on in our lives that is just making me tired. And if I end it, the daughters fears about me abandoning her will come true.

I don't believe the 14 year old has an actual crush on me. I believe she simply doesn't know how to show love to a daddy because she has never had a normal dad in her life until now.

Any normal advice would be appreciated. Thanks

my step dad and mom are moving to alabama and we also have other family far away. My daughter just got a netbook for her birthday and i would like to set it up so she can only talk to a few people i add to a list what is the best way to set that up?

well when i was 3 my parents got a divorce and i went to each house every other day and every other wk end (fri-sun). shortly after my dad go married to Mary (that isnt her name but i am using it for now bc i dont want to give out personal info). i love mary and she was like my mmother. we go through home videos and see us dancing in the rain, doing makeovers, ect. when i was in 2nd grade my dad and mary had a son named Jake (not real name). at first it was normal, but the older jake got (now a young kid) the more he was and we werent. everything revolved around him and still does. she is always with him. she used to just go up into our rooms with us (our being me and my sisters). now she barley knows what is in our lives. she promised we would always be her daughters and she would love us just like we were hers, but now instead of it feeling like we were blood related, better yet step related, it just feels like we are people living under the same roof that she barley talks to or pays attention too. i have tried talking to her about it but she said she would change and never did. i really need help, you dont understand. i cant even go to the movies because it is too much money but he gets all this stuffand our whole house is full of his useless toys that he never touches. please help. if you have any questions post them but make sure to come back and look for the answer. thanks!
ok first of all i am really close to my half brother jake (he is not in law). also, both my dad and mary work all day and i take care of my brother and sisters making meals, cleaning. laundery, ect. i really never get thanked for it but it has to be done. plus i do tell her that and she tells me to get out of her room or she will just kinda ignore me. but thanks and i am not trying to sound whiny

My 11 year old daughter was going through her baby album and other family pictures including and she asked, "Why is Dad not in any pictures with me?"

I didn't know what to say so I kind of changed the subject. The truth is that when I found out I was pregnant with her, her father decided he did not want to be involved and stepped out the picture until she was 15 months old. At that time, we reconnected and married. She knows we weren't married when she was born but she doesn't know that her dad didn't want anything to do with her when she was born.

Up until now, she just didn't ask questions but I knew that eventually she would. How do I answer her questions about why he isn't in any pictures or video during that time?

My step children will give their Dad step by step details of what they do all day. My step son is on the couch playing a video game and say - dad - I just killed this - I just advanced a level. It's constant - every few minutes. This happens when I am trying to talk to my husband about something. My step son acts like I'm not even there. Maybe he can't hear me. He's really smart and a brat. I get that he's a brat by what he says about his step dad and what he does to aggravate him. I call that a brat. My step daughter will do the same. They ignore me. When they call the house - they immediately ask for their dad. They won't say hi. That's not the issue. It's these little nuisance interruptions while I'm talking to my husband. Do I say anything or just leave it? I'm at a loss. It hurts me. I know they are vindictive. I get that from what they say about their step dad. They have nothing good to say about him. I've met him. He's a nice man. He's done a lot of nice things for them. They treat me badly. I'm nice. Swear. I am. I'm not a mean person. I'm not unfair. I'm not judgmental. I know it's a tough situation. I have my masters. I'm not insensitive.
It's just this type of behavior that I need assistance with. I don't know what is the right thing to do.
Socially retarded - yes. Difficult situation - yes - very much so. I brought up my masters to show that I'm educated. It's a rare thing in this household. That is a problem. College is not something aspired to. Naivete is present. A lot of miscommunication and misunderstanding. A lot of hurt. I'll ask their Dad to address the problem. He will if I ask. I just didn't know how to broach it. I don't want him to say that I'm being too critical. I don't think that I am. He said that when I mentioned that barely drunk bottles of water - propel were accumulating again in bedrooms. Reminders please. Finish one or take it with you when you go back to Mom's. Trash belongs in the trash can. There were candy on the bedroom floor - candy attracts insects. There was a dead worm on the floor. I'm not being nit picky or critical. My husband has said that I'm very easy going. If I am then how can I be so critical. I'm not.
It is hell. We've been together almost 5 years - married 3. Kids are older. I feel excluded. I'm the last to know what the plans are. It pisses me off. I feel like I might as well make plans with my friends so I can be with people that like me. I don't care if he wants to be alone with the kids. But why should I have to be alone on the weekends. That's not right. If I did this to him then we would be fighting.
I am a good and kindhearted person. The kids' mom told me that the kids like me. My husband says that the kids ask if I'm not there. I'm not jealous. I know this was going to be hard. I didn't know that it would be this hard and that I want to scream b/c I don't know what to do. I'm doing my best. I'm not set in my ways. I'm not stubborn or immature.
I am becoming a little resentful because of exclusion. I know his parents are a factor b/c they are many things. Clueless is one. Hypocrites. Very religious. My parents ask me how I am. I've been telling them and they are very supportive. I'm not judging them. I feel for them. My SD could move in with us. She won't b/c mom gives in. She has her wrapped around her finger. That's convenient for mom. Maybe it will work out for SD but the odds are not in her favor. She is having trouble and no one is addressing it. I don't think they see it. I don't think if they did see it that they would have a clue how to deal with it. It goes on. I know what it's like to hide. I know what it's like to have problems. I want to help. There is a wall that my husband has created. I'm prevented from reaching out to my step kids. I would never spank them. Why. I do say no when it affects our finances. I'm the money manager. I discipline if I'm alone with them and I can't ignore what is happening.

Okay...I'm really not sure where else to ask.

Sorry this might be kinda longish.

My neighbours are pretty close to me, like a family, and their daughter's like my little sister. So, she tells me a lot of things she wouldn't tell a lot of other people. A couple of days ago she told me that a friend of hers at school (her age, 12) is likely being sexually abused by her stepdad.

She has red marks marks all over her chest, and when asked about it, she comes up with implausible reasons. Her friends (including my neighbour) all feel that there is something off with her stepdad. He leers at young girls' chests, and is very restrictive about letting her out, even watching her from a car when she's in the park. When one of the boys (12) was walking behind his stepdaughter, the stepfather held his gaze while purposefully flashing a knife tucked in his pants.

I asked my neighbour to report this, but after realizing it was a bit much for her, I told her I would do it in place of her.

Coincidentally, I happened to meet this girl the day after hearing about this. (She'd become friends with my own little sister through my neighbour.)

Most of my little sister's friends warm up to me quickly, so while speaking with her, her dad was mentioned. She eventually brought up her friends' experience with him, so I told her seriously if there's anything she wants to talk about, she can talk to me.

Right after that, she started acting strange (my neighbour who was there, confirmed this wasn't normal for her) she started showing me youtube videos about songs and poems of children getting abused. And generally behaved quite strangely.

I'm almost completely sure that there is at least some type of abuse going on in her house.

I'm not sure if her mother knows. Her mother Is a former prostitute in Cuba, and I hear she got into Canada by getting herself pregnant with a tourist, who then took her to Canada. I know her mother would not be capable of supporting her children (there is a younger girl as well) on her own.

Of course I want to do something about this, and I fully intend to, but the problem is I have no idea how.

What steps should I take to report this? Should I discuss it with her? Who exactly should I talk to, the school? the police? I'm only nineteen myself, so I'm not sure if they'll take me seriously either.

I'm sorry if this is too much, but since this is a very serious situation I'm taking it very seriously.

Thank you so much.
Should I discuss this with her first though? I don't want it to be any harder on her than it has to be, and if she's taking part in it it may be easier? Or not?
Oh God. So I called Kid's Help Phone the lady was pretty convinced and advised me to call straight away.

So I called Child Services. From the very beginning the guy had an "Oh Great" sort of tone. Maybe they all do, I don't know. The whole time he was kind of sarcastic and like...I don't follow. I told him everything. At the end he was what's the point? How do you know those are wounds? Are you a doctor? (So what, do I NEED to be one to report something this suspicious?) He went quiet as if to say thats the end of the conversation. I was so shocked, I didn't have anything to say. I just hung up.

The guy didn't even ask her name. Isn't he supposed to AT LEAST take a note to see if there's multiple reports?

I asked my sister to invite her over tommorow so I can try and see if I can get her to admit anything... I'm not going to give up.

But I'm worried that unless I report actually seeing someone doing this to her they won't even do anything...

I am the step mom of an almost 13 year old girl and an 11 year old boy. Their mother isn't the best influence and usually doesn't see them often, so my husband has raised him since. I became the step mom when they 9 & 7. A full time parent to them. They live with us permently, and my husband works long hours 5 days a week leaving me to do most of the parenting. That is till he gets home and the arguing begins.

A few years ago his son was diagnosed with ADHD. He is very immature for his age, he acts like a 6 year old, but is very smart for his age. Socially he has never had any friends. He is usually made fun of in school because of his childish actions and apperiance. his daughter is very smart and gets straight A's but love sto lie, steal, cheat and disobey every rule she can.

In the beginning they USE TO love me. Now I have become their enemy. Thee have admited that they intentionally try to cause arguments between his father and I.

They lies about many things. They'll tell me one story then tell their dad the opposite and deny what they told me. They accuse me of many things and always sees me as the 'bad guy.'

I have asked for counseling or even "family days" but it never happens.

I have tried to make things work with them. She is (sort of) involved in sports. But they both usually only wants to sit and watch TV or play video games. They've almost become very dormant. They think they should be able to do what they want when they want. My husband thinks that we just need to love them more because they don't get the most extravagant things. This is difficult for me when I see how they lie and play my husband and I against each other.

I understand feelings are different for a biological parent versus a step parent, I have a son from a previous relationship (and I know he's no angel at all) but I feel that my husband has his blinders on and can't or doesn't want to see what is happening.

Any thoughts are appreciated.
I would like to say Thank You for all the answers I've received so far. There greatly appreciated.

To answer some of the questions asked... I do work full time and he has said things to the kids like "they better listen to me when he;'s not home. Or he will threaten them with a punishment if it happens again, but then never follows through. I do love him and his children deeply.

I would like to have some kind of relationship with her, but she's 11 and she literally doesn't want to do anything but play video games. i HATE video games. Her dad is content because he can play, and she can play, they play separate or together, it works for them. It would be accurate to say she could play from the minute the sun comes up, until we force her to cut it off at midnight. It's like having a stranger roaming around my house, so everything she does gets on my nerves. I hate this.
If I'm spending money on her she's happy, but buying her stuff, to me is not really relationship building. And I DO spend a lot of money on this girl. But to do stuff like making jewelry, or painting, I've given her books that I've read, its like its torturing her, and she can't wait for me to leave her alone so she can get back to her games. I took her to AC Moore today, and she asked if it was a video game store, and could she get a tomb raider game. I told her she can get stuff to decorate her room and she said "nah." My husband says she doesn't WANT to do anything else, so why am I trying to force her.

My husband is 26 and I am 31. He has a son from a previous marriage that is almost 10 years old. We have him every other weekend. I love this kid and he is so well behaved ...I couldn't ask for a better step son.
The problem is on the weekends we have him, my husband's whole demeanor changes. My husband is wanting to have him full time so I think he's trying to put on a fun filled fantasy about how life would be living with us. He stays up most of the weekend playing video games with his son til 2 or 3am. He curses in front of him SOMETIMES trying to be the "cool dad" and last night our 4 year old daughter came in and gave me the "finger" something she said her dad told her to do. I was PISSED. My husband told me to pull the "stick out" it was just a joke. My husband only thinks these things are funny when his son is around. Like he's trying to show off for his son.
Don't get me wrong, I'm a stay at home mom of our daughter, we have a beautiful home and live well all thanks to my hard working husband. When I tried to talk to him about it he said I was over reacting and to lighten up and try to join in the fun he and his kids are having.
I'm annoyed. I don't want to seem like the bad guy. I went to the movies today by myself just to get away from the constant video game playing and not cleaning up after themselves kind of day! I hate to distance myself from my step child and daughter but I'm sick of it! My hubby won't listen to me. He thinks I'm acting like a bitch! What do I do?

sorry, this is kind of long....

i have a 9 yo step-daughter, and 2 sons, ages 4 yo and 11 months. i have been with her father since she was 7, and he and his ex had been broken up since she was 3.

my step-daughter's mom lets her do anything she wants and lets her get away with murder, pretty much. she stays up until all hours of the night and has told me that she often falls asleep in class. she is rude, and she hits, kicks, pushes and grabs my 4 yo son's face and squeezes his cheeks together...and then denies it all. my husband doesn't let my 4 yo son get away with anything, but when his daughter does the same thing (that she is old enough to know better not to do), he lets her get away with it.

anytime i bring anything up that has to do with his daughter, he says i'm attacking her. he thinks that b/c she's so used to not having any rules, that she won't follow our rules here and there's nothing we can do about it. but i say that she knows our rules, and when she doesn't follow them there should be consequences. he thinks that this won't do any good b/c, here's his comparison.....if you're used to going to bed or eating at a certain time, then you can't all of a sudden change your sleeping and eating pattern.

that makes sense for sleeping and eating, but rules are a different thing than those. i don't get why he would think that she shouldn't have to follow the rules we have here, when if she were to go to anybody else's house, say like a friends or relatives house, she would be expected to follow their rules.

am i being unreasonable? i have the same rules for my son, and will for my baby once he gets older.

and also, anytime she does something like hurts my son, i talk to her about it and give her a time out. my husband thinks i'm being too hard on her.

personally, i think he should stop being her friend and start being her parent, and so should her mother. i'm the only one trying to do anything for her (like how concerned i am that she's not getting a healthy amount of sleep and is falling asleep in class) and all i get is that i'm trying to attack her.

i don't get it. i complain about my son just as much as i complain about her (please don't think that that's all i do though....i talk good about them more than i complain) and yet he thinks i'm attacking her. "oh poor k____, she only gets to see me 4 days a month, so i need to spoil her and let her do whatever she wants instead of doing what's best for her." that's how her dad thinks.

how do i make him see that having rules for her isn't a bad thing (well, he does agree with having rules, but feels that b/c her mom doesn't enforce any rules, that there's no point in us having rules either) and that just b/c her mom doesn't have rules, doesn't mean she can't learn what our rules are and follow the rules when she is here. they are simple common sense rules: go to bed at a normal hour, without watching the tv to fall asleep; no physical harm to anyone; no name calling; no making fun of others; if somebody asks you nicely to do something, you do it; no fighting over the tv or video games.

i just don't think it's fair that my kids have to follow rules while she doesn't have to. i think it's confusing to my 4 yo son, and i think it hurts his feeling b/c he probably feels picked on b/c if she does something she'll get away with it, but then if he copies her, he gets in trouble.

note:my husband, as a child, was picked on by his step-dad. his siblings would get away with things, while he got into trouble for breathing too loud at the dinner table b/c he had athsma. i feel like he is treating my son the same way his step-dad treated him, though not as bad, and he would never lay a hand on him. i've told him this before and he just doesn't see it.

sometimes, i just want to leave him so my son doesn't have to be singled out like that all the time and be punished for things that she taught him and he doesn't know any better.

i will try to make this as short as i can, I am a step parent to my stepson and i have 4 girls 2 with my step sons dad and 2 from a previous relationship. anywhoo, over a year ago cps gave my hubby his son stating the mother wasnt fit to take care of him he was neglected and such. well we enrolled him in school and everything things went good and my hubby decided to get cutody of him which it's in the works right now. and has been well my stepson goes for visits to his moms and thats once every other week and they are supposed to be supervised by her mother. well he went a few weks back and he had a bruise on his thigh right above his knee nothing serious from falling out of the tree onto some roots outta the grownd. well she called cps on us and made up a bunch of lies like we do meth and we abuse him and such well i came home to find 2 cops at my door. we let them in to find nothing is wrong. so they left well we were contacted by the cps that monday they came out looked around went to the school and talked to my girls. well i had to told her prior to this my stepson goes to the visits comes back and does not so good things to my girls and of course the girls come and tell me and i question him and he says his mom told him to do that. he's only 5, well my girls told her the truth of course. he had once snuck in their bed and was touching my daughter he was punished by his dad for it and it never happened again. well the cps lady told me i had to take them to the child advoc center and they interigated them and video taped them well my girls told them where they have heard he says he learns it and they also i guess were asked if i pulled their hair and they said yes or soemthing well cps asked me about it and i said yes when i brush it. well they made a home plan to put alarms on the door and such and we did it immediatly i also make the girls sleep with me now. well they had a mediation thing with my hubby and his ex and amily there. well it was a big finger game and i kept my mouth shut cause i felt i should stay out as i always have. now they want me and my hubby to go to get a phych eval and parenting classes and therapy. also they want to remove my stepson and place him in a neutural home. this is not court ordered and my kids dont want to talk about it anymore and there are cops coming and going from the school and its scaring my kids well i mentioned to cps "why dont i just take the girls and move and they looked at me like i was crazy and said" u want to remove your kids from your home " i was like yeah! if its in the best intrest of my girls i will. i want to know... should i move and what would happen if i did move and not tell them since there's no court order? i have complyed with them and it seems there's no end. i dont want them to be picking them off one by one.? i'm so lost and feel so helpless! do i comply? do i hire and attorney? do they not have better things to do? do i have a crooked county? i think so! please help anyone! thank you!

Ok so I'm 8 months pregnant and I already plan to have my mom best friend and my dad in the delivery room with me. My dad wasn't there to raise me my step dad was so I don't want my dad to be one of the first people meeting my daughter. I know what your thinking that's rude but if you knew the situation you'd understand. Anyways my dad and I aren't that close and we fight constantly over everything. Well he decided that he was going to video tape my daughter being born mind you he didn't ask me he just suddenly told me one day, so I don't want him there. Any idea on how to let him down without hurting his feelings even more? Any advice would be great. Thanks

Answers to quiz # 1
1) they can never return
2) paulo and nikki. a diamond. they were both bit by a medusa spider.
3) Mikhail Bauknin
4) Driveshaft. "you all everybody"
5) sawyer
6) 4 8 15 16 23 42
The swan computer, Swan blast door, Hurley's lotto ticket,
8 + 15 = 815 (flight number). all #s add up to 108 u have to press that button in the hatch every 108 seconds. there are many more.
7) I <3 Shitzu
8) smells like carrots
9) Benjamin happened.
10) Rodger workman
12) Nemi plus another nigerian. they carried mary statues with h.
13) i dont even know.
14) the hydra
15) dont tell me what i cant do
16) shannon. anna lucia shot her.
17) Shannon's dad.
18) Christian shepherd. Claire
19) a church
20) James Ford. the person who killed his mother was named Saywer. Locke's father. John Locke. Henry killed him.

Quiz # 2

these questions are not in chronological order of the T.V. show

1) what toy was Jin told to buy for a new baby. (animal)
2)what is the name of Sun's dog?
3) who is hurley's imaginary friend?
4) who is Therese? ( 1st season)
5) Who is Desmond's lover? who is her father?
6) Who is the French woman. who is her daughter? who is her daughter's boyfriend?
7) what does Hurley throw at Ben when he is surprised? (season 5)
8) How did mr. eko die?
9) what happens when people dont press the button every 108 seconds?
10) what island did the Oceanic 6 say they landed on?
11) what song does Hurley listen to on the island on the beach.? (cd.player seaon 1)
11) where do people get dinamite on the island? ( aarrrrr)
12) what happens to Michael? what happens to his son?
13) what do you call running all the steps of a collesum? (Jack+des)
14) what does Charlie get from Hurley to share with Clair?
15) how many months pregnant is Clair when she goes on the island?
16) what is anna lucia's carrer? what is her mom's carrer?
17) for enjoyment, what does hurley make on a field? ( foooorrrr!)( season 1)
18) in the music video of " you all everybody" what does driveshaft have to wear?
19) what did michael take that was Jin's fathers? (season 1)
20) who is in charge of handling the food in the hatch? (season 2-3)

if you want another quiz, then just tell me and i will try to make a new one. good luck.

So like that week me, my step dad, and my boyfriend were alll fighting about this. haha of course it was them against me, and i still did not give up on proving them wrong.

i remember seeing the video:
at first the guy and his son drove by an adult store with the three XXX and he was like daddy what does the three x's up on that sign stand for?
then later when they got home the girl went to a party and before she left her parents said she can call home anytime. and when she got to the party everyone was drinking and smoking and she just felt unsafe so she called home and her mom went to get her and she was already walking out of the party.
the next part i remember was the mom was in the hospital and the daughter and son were standing at the door crying cause she was about to die and the dad was standing next to her?

hhaha its greatly appreciated.

I got drunk lastnight and my dad remarried a year ago and has a step daughter. she was at the party I threw and we ended up haveing sex. We didnt use a condom and she aint on the pill?

what should we do? also my little nosy cousin is 17 and is blackmailing me she has a video of us doing it. she wants me to buy her a new blackberry and give her a thousand dollars.

should I pay this spoiled brat off or just announce it to the family? My step sister says she cant help it but she really likes me and wants to get together again tonight. she is really hot and im recently divorced.

since my original question ( this question )HOURS ago was reported for no reason, I will post it again, it mustve upset some teeny bopper

I saw a video clip this morning of a girl who texted over 41,000 times in a month, thats one per under one minute.

To me it doesnt matter if they are on an unlimited plan, what the heck parents ? When do you step in and take the kids phone away from them ? Ever hear of carpal tunnel which is now faster growing in teens cause of texting.

I mean you know she has to be doing this during school hours and all hours of the night, doesn't anyone care?

My neighbors daughter is 20 and a text head and shes like wait til your kids have cell phones one day, im like see thats where you differ, you gave into your whiney daughter on that phone ( she laughs cause im right ) my kids will have a brick phone that only has 2 ring tones, it wont even vibrate and it will weigh more than their bookbag.

Point is, parents CLAIM their kids need it for emergencies, if that is the sole purpose than they dont need the newest high tech sleek gadgets right ? They just need a phone that can dial mom and dad and 911, PERIOD

What is the most sickening thing of all is texting in church, yup ive seen it and I wanted to smack her mother for allowing her to do it, the 2nd most sickening thing is while we were at the museum of art among the beautful works of art a girl was texting and walking and didnt even look up once to see what she was missing, its disgusting and nasty to me.

All I can say is that Im glad I grew up before all this techonology, My mind was where it should've been and not worried about a new text or jonsin for a text

sorry this turned into a rant but I think parents are lazy, take the phone away, let them know there's more to their little teen life then texting
yes i did ask a question, the question is, when are parents going to teach their kids self control

So I went to see the movie Marley and me with my little step-bro, my dad, and my dads girlfriend last night. I have two stories to tell. The first:

The man sitting next to me fell asleep for about 30 minutes near the middle and was snoring. Somebody wakes him up at the end, and within 5 minutes he was crying.

Now, I cry very easily for movies. I'm 14 years old and I am one of the only people in my class that cries. I cried during a science video! (hey, it was sad =())

So I started crying the first time the dog is taken to the vet, and probably didn't stop until the movie was over. Everybody else was sniffling too, but I don't like to make noise when I cry. So, of course, I'm sitting there for 20 or so minutes, trying so hard not to make a sound (my hand was pushed up against my mouth and all. I started hearing my family sniffle. Even my dad, who almost NEVER cries.

And then suddenly he starts laughing! Straight out, loud, can't control it-laughing.

At the end of the movie, Nicole (my dad's gf) tells me that she had looked over at me and I had looked so pitiful! She had leaned over and whispered to my dad, "Hey, look at your daughter". He had looked, and that's why he had his little outburst.

What I looked like: Well, I remember the front of my shirt was drenched. I had my nails digging into my face and my hand over my mouth so I didn't make a noise. Nicole told me that even in the darkness, she could see the tears running down.


Anybody else had a bad experiance, or a funny little story to tell?

ok so i was on msn and i was talkin to my best friend...or so i thought was my best friend and she was tryen to make me jealous by sayin stuff like do you like horses cuz one of dem behind my house got put down today....and she knows horses are my life.then she said her and her other best mate are gunna do a contest on youtube for make up n stuff so then i was lik o cool lol and she was like and if we win we get to be tv presenters for 3 days and get A?100 in makeup and she knows i would give anything to be famous or on tv.and den she said dat her and her other best mate arre goin to go traveling so i have a yr and a half left of school and dats da last time ill ever see her again.and den i was lik wat about me u sed ud go travelling with me nd make youtube videos woth me n all and she was lik yeh but me and nikki(her best friend)like alone time and i was like fine then i get rachey(dis girl who is a good friend but she has frizzy greasy hair and talks like a caveman and we are both obsessed with her looks lol) and she was like haha i get nikki and leave u with her yeooo nd den she was lik o btw my 2nd cuz's step sis dad is a musician with his daughter nd wants me t be in the band and i was like kwl but me nd loren nd my cuz becca are gunna start a band and she was lik ur tryen to make jelous its not wrkin nd i was lik no im not ur tryen to make me jelaous it is workin lol and den she was lik wtf no im not and i was lik im sorry its the truth and besides its a stupid thing to fall out over and wen she said bout her and nikki going travelling i was lik wel me n becca is goin to america to kidnap the jonas brothers lol(i sed dat as a joke as becca said dat to me last nite)and den she was lik oh yeh i cant really tell you anything becuase ul say sumfin dat pisses me of and den i sed i want a new life and she was like dats another thing i hate u always talk about how bad your life is wen its not and i was like umm wel il try not to and i had to explain it to her dat i talk shite and am very emotional type of person and then she just sed gtg bye and usualy she says gtg byeeeee xxx but she really has upset me its like shes tryen to make me jelous and depressed or shes tryen to start a fight or sumfin....please help me

I know this is long, but I feel the facts must be stated to fully understand.


I sent my daughter for a scheduled summer vacation with dad in June, from CA to IL. He never returned her. I had permission to remove her from IL back in '06. I received no notice from him, but found out on my own that he filed for and gained temp custody claiming I am unlocatable. I have tons of proof that we were in communication (i.e. emails & phone logs for both my and my daughter's cell) and that I was stable.

I was in the dark about a lot of the facts because I was in CA, he didn't give me any info because he had to back up his lies and make it appear as though I was in an undisclosed location.

So I quit my job and went to IL to try to resolve this. This might've been the plan because now I'm not looking so stable. I still have my home in CA, but I'm unemployed and our health and dental insurance is gone.

In the email I have from September, I am asking for copies of whatever he filed, he responds "there's nothing else to be said but an address." I respond giving my fax AND home/mailing address, but never received anything and upon reviewing our case file there's no proof of notice.

Over the yrs my daughter has made statements to me, family and teachers that she is afraid of her dad and doesn't like visiting him. I have received written statements from teachers. I also have several police reports of domestic violence from our relationship, when my little girl was still a baby. My son, who is older recalls much more and has been bothered by this whole situation fearing for his sister's well-being. He wants to speak out in court. He confided in me some things she told him about being at her dads. She said he brings in "bricks" (her words) of marijuana and keeps it in a drawer, she was once forced to watch an adult video by her step sisters, and she gets hit by him, his wife, their kids, and his mother. What's difficult is she just blurts these things out to me and others at random times, months after they happen so I'm in shock and unsure how to handle the situations. But now I just want to put an end to all of this chaos and be able to raise my daughter without him for good. I know I can be poorly judged in here for all this, but I assure you I was trying everything in my power to be fair and not let his actions towards me interfere with their relationship. He really made no effort to spend time with her when I lived in IL, it caused a great deal of issues for her in the beginning.

I am done with being nice and trying to do what's right when it's obviously only leading to wrong. EVERY summer she spends with him, something terrible happens. She nearly got her finger severed by a younger sibling holding a knife while her dad fell asleep instead of supervising them, he rushed her to the ER, charged my insurance but never told me. I found out when I picked her up and saw stitches on her finger. She's been struck by her dad with a toilet seat on the back of the head for peeing on herself, which has traumatized her. She STILL has issues with urinating, but I don't make it an issue because she gets stressed and then her eczema breaks out. We began working with a behavioral specialist just a month before she went with her dad. Right now it seems she's being turned against me, and she hardly gets to call me. Her cell phone was taken away, so she can't even call me for help.

I want to press charges, I want his criminal history taken into consideration and shouldn't he be held in contempt for lying about this situation? I'm tired of the IL court system pretending to do what's best for the child when they're always doing everything BUT! They forced us into joint custody even after he begged the judge to revoke his rights, thinking he'd get out of his child support obligations. The judge ignored that! They told me if we can't come up with a visitation schedule together, then the judge would. I am here in IL trying to wrap all this up so I can go back home with my little girl and never have to deal with this again. How can I get CA to take jurisdiction of this case? I have NO lawyer, nor can I afford one and no pro bono lawyer would help me. I am getting free legal advice on how to do this on my own, but that is it.

If anyone has ANY suggestions and/or advice that might be useful with my case, I would be most appreciative. I also need an attorney, but I'm sure that's a stretch.. but what do I have to lose!

Right now I have to work on my notice of motion and petition to vacate his orders. I'd also like to make sure his parental rights are revoked, I do not care for child support at all. I just want to raise my little girl and keep her safe, like I was trying to do for yrs.

Thank you all for your time and thoughts.
She is only 9 yrs old, sorry I left that detail out.
I had custody, but he got temp custody in August claiming it was an emergency because I was unlocatable. My daughter was evaluated by an intervener, she claimed I never through her any bday parties when she had two this yr! Everything I read in her statement to the intervener seemed coached. I wish I could sit with her and the intervener and my son and just ask her questions so they could evaluate her responses of how things REALLY are with him and with me!

When I spoke to her I asked her why she'd say some of the things she said and she replied "I don't know." her dad was clearly heard by me and others whispering to her "tell her because it's the truth!" She can never speak to me without him there, it's always controlled.

I Did This In History A Couple Of Weeks Ago, And Totally Forgot About It. The Topic Is Supposed To Be America: Land Of Opportunities. The Teacher Could Enter It In A Contest If It Was Maximum 500 Words. Of Course, I Went Overboard.

Living in house with 6 other guys is probably the most horrifying thing a 17 year old girl could probably go through.
a�? Cali! Open up! I need to get my video game!a�? Collin was hammering the door with his fists. a�?Why did you have it in my room in the first place?a�? I opened the door until the chain lock stopped it. a�?Dona��t know.a�? I looked on my dresser next to me, and grabbed it. a�?Here,a�? I threw it to him. Dona��t come in my room ever again.a�? he rolled his eyes and walked away. I slammed the door. Leta��s see: I have five brothers: Collin, Cashel, Hudson, Emerson, and Dean Martin. Then, therea��s my father: Corbin Martin. Actually, Hudson, Emerson, and Dean are my step-brothers; all of which stayed with us when my father divorced each of their mothers. Each. And the worst part of all this is that Ia��m the only female in the house. Translation: the only person without a future. Collin and Emerson are 15, and both have scholarships to Harvard. Hudson, whoa��s my age, dropped out and now has a skateboard company. Dean and Cashel, the oldest, have multi-millionaire corporate businesses, and theya��re letting us live with them. My father, the money-hogging, son loving idiot, has five restaurants worldwide, soon to open one here in LA. And California Rose Martin, myself, is stuck to attend a private school in northern LA, with nothing but a job at Starbucks and a minimum-wage paycheck. Lucky me. My father doesna��t think Ia��ll be successful. He always tells me: a�?California, youa��ll never make it if you dona��t get your head out of the clouds, planning things like playing music. The music business is for people with talent in that area.a�? And then I scream at him and march to my room. Daily routine.
******* ******** ********
a�?Jeez, Cal. You look beat.a�? Miranda told me on Monday. a�?Yea, well, thata��s what happens when you dona��t have mirrors in your house.a�? I look at her, unamused. a�?Why cana��t I just live with you and your family? Your family is actually a family. Not a bachelor pad.a�? I tell her. I feel like Ia��m one of those itchy sweaters grandmaa��s send to there grandsons for Christmas. Useless and unwanted. Miranda clicks her tongue. a�?Well, isna��t it possible to be, like, divorced from your parents? Or parent, for that matter.a�? she says. a�?You mean emancipated?a�? a�?Yea, thata��s it.a�? I never really thought of being emancipated. Miranda interrupted my thoughts. a�?My dada��s a lawyer. So if and when this gets settled, you could come live with us! If you want, I mean. Youa��ll have free will.a�? we smiled at each other in unison.

Two years latera��a��a��a��a��..

a�?I cana��t believe it! Ia��m free! Thank you so much, Mr. Catheridge!a�? I hugged him so hard that I think he was even more stiff in his suit than before. a�?No, problem Cali. Miranda told me youa��ve had it hard.a�? I smiled as Miranda came running towards us. a�?Oh! You did it!a�? we hugged. a�?Now you can come live with me!a�? she says. Mr. Catheridge looks at his watch. a�?Ooh. I have to go. Love you, M! Good luck, Cali!a�? he says running to his car. a�?I know this guy, Griffin, who owns a club, I guess you could call it. Every Friday, he has a bunch of indie artists perform there. A lot of agents come to see them, because a lot of LAa��s best artists have been discovered there. I seriously think you should perform!a�? I blush at her enthusiasm. a�?Oh, I couldna��t Mir---a�? she stares at me bug-eyed. a�?So youa��re telling me that the only reason you got emancipated from your nightmale is to have free will? Oh, come on! Part of that free will is making your dreams come true, girl!a�? she said. Nightmale is her definition of my a�?formera�� life; nightmare + male species. We got into her car. a�?Fine,a�? I said. a�?But, you owe me big time.a�? I said, pouting. Miranda laughs. a�?Oh, sweetie, its gonna be you who owes me.a�?


Gigantic beads of sweat were pouring from my forehead. I can do this, I can do this, I can do this. a�?I cana��t do this! I cana��t do this!a�? I was pacing back and forth in my dressing room. a�?Whata��d you mean you cana��t do this!? Youa��ve never acted all freak on me before.a�? Miranda was spinning in one of the parlor chairs in the dressing room, twirling her hair. I stopped pacing and sat down. a�?Yea, I havena��t. Its just that I havena��t ever played in front of people since---a�? I winced. Right now probably wasna��t the best time. I still thought about ita��a��..
Mommy, youa��ll be able to come to the talent show tonight, right? I asked my mother. Shea��s been to almost all of my performances. Ia��ll try my hardest to be there on time. You know I love it when you perform. Dad walks in, drunk. The boys are at Ryana��s. Crystal, you shouldna��t waste valuable time on encouraging your daughter to get involved with music. She wona��t

i have had my two children every other weekend some times after school and three weeks out of the six weeks holiday my ex wife has remarried and she has two further step kids while i had the kids in the six weeks holidays my 7 year old daughter told me her step dad had been touching places it was reported to the police and i was told not to return them they did a video statement was and the police aren't taking the matter any further even tho my daughter saying he had been touching he i wasorder'sd by court to return the kids which i did i went to pick kids up friday gone and my exwife'ss husband has said i will never see my kids ever again while they live under his roof i phoned the police and went to court monday to see whAT orders was in place they said a order was made thursday that i can have them friday 5pm till sat 11 am but my ex hubbywouldn'tt let m e have them and my kids sername has been changed is this allowed

my mother has a court paper that says she has custody of me
i want to move in with my dad, but she will not allow it(i still visit him every other weekend..)
if i just one day up and go to his house will she be able to make me leave?
what can i do to prevent her/the police from making me leave?

btw this is why im leaving:
so my mom got married, i didn't care for a while until my stepdad started acting like a dictator
-i get really stressed out just being at her house
-whenever i hear their cars come home i practically twitch/jump and have to run outside to carry their stuff in or they have a fit
-they(mostly stepdad who has a coupl disorders but i dont think theyre serious mostly like ADD) yell at me if i don't do something right. ex: the other night my bro was sitting at the table rotating his knife(the handle) in his hand while he was chewing and my stepdad just randomly outbursted something along the lines of WHATS WRONG YOU. WHY ARE YOU DOING THAT. STOP RIGHT NOW.
and it wasnt even a big deal
-if i forget to do one of my chores one day, i usually get a speech from them and get grounded
-i get grounded for silly reasons: picking up the phone-step apparantly thinks he told me not to, but if he did it was way too late by then; he ended up cussing out the person on the phone and my mom got mad at him so then he got mad at me.. i was grounded for like a month.....
-whenever they ask me for my opinion on something, i give it to them, but i usually get grounded for it........
-they expect me to not have opinions and to agree with them on everything and if i don't i get grounded. i also have to say im sorry if they think i did something wrong, even if i know in my heart i have done nothing...
-i have chores but i really dont care aboukt them theyre usually easy, unless i get grounded then i have to clean the ovens walls windows mop the floors, clean the doors etc, even if it is for little to no reason... :(
-my stepdad seems to be the one making the decisions for everything and he always outrules what my mom wants.. even though he doesn't own this house and i am not his daughter
-he grounds me ALOT usually when hes just in a bad mood
+he always talks about how i make him so angry(like yesterday i wasnt doign anything just standing there, im serious. but my mom led me out of the room) and how he wants to hit me+my bro but he doesnt because hes not supposed to
-he also says i make him more angry than he has been in years
-im scared to be around him because i never know when he might just snap....

my friends and their families have been practically begging me to leave so i decided i would try out living with my dad for about a month - my mom agreed this was a good idea, she believed i would come crawling back to her.
obviously i was less than happy the day she called and told me my time was up
i came back but not with all my stuff just enough to last me about 3 days
they said i couldnt do that and blahblah
but today im going to my dads after school and im gonna see if theyre right because i just need to know + my dads lawyer said that they usually wont make me leave my dads house

im just so sick of my mom+stepdad and ive tried multiple times getting along with them but it never works out, mostly due to my stepdad. when hes gone for a couple days and im left with my mom and brother, everythings just fine we get along really well. we usually make eachother laugh - but when he comes back i have to remember all those rules and i try not to talk when hes home because he always finds some reason to ground me

i just really want to move in with my dad and for not being with him the past 6 years, id like to spend the next 2 that ill have left with him. me and him actually get along really well, we don't argue and he helps me with my school work and studying for tests! :)
hes not home some nights because of work but its usually only for like 4-5 hours and i can totally handle it
he doesn't yell at me for no reason, and when he does yell at me(yet to happen) its because ive done something wrong
+ yeah he has less rules and blabla but if my mom wants that to change she can totally ask him and i know it will change but atleast i wont be living with an ocd dictator.....

yeah i feel kind of like a baby wanting to move away like this, but ive put up with my stepdads little problems for long enough and he definately needs to take some therapy instead of taking it out on everyone else, im sick of it.

sorry if you dont understand what im talking about, i wish i could just show you a video tape of my life but i cant
heres some more rules:
- im not allowed to take a shower unless its after 9pm. ever.
- i have to ssay good morning/night EVERY day or i get grounded, it doesnt matter if i forgot to that doesnt make a difference to them
-sometimes ill ask if i can do something:
ex. Can i go to Angelica's house for a little bit/sleepover?
answer- No.
and if i ask why(which i usually dont or they get mad) theyll just be like because i said so.. and they say no ALOT for no reason.
it makes me upset because i kind of have a life and i don't want to stay home 24/7 every single day, i have friends and i like being with them sometimes too.......... :/
i know they think they're being fabulous parents but i think they're being a little hardcore..
i even brought this up and asked if they could bring it down a level, but nope not going to happen. hes not going to change for me just because i want him to, hes only going to if he feels like it

+ im not a bad kid, i dont drink or smoke. and i don't plan on doing it either. they should be amazed that i don't because soooo many do and ive avoided those situations multiple times
it just makes me so upset that they don't realise that i have to go through things too and just because i don't pay the rent doesn't mean im lazy or something...

me and my husband have been arguing pretty much all day. i have two step kids and whenever i say anything to them or get onto them he tells me to shut up or to stay out of it or he'll handle it i'v tried to discuss this with him before but he denies that he does that. my step son lives with us and my step daughter visits every other weekend well my step son has been getting on my last nerve here lately every time i tell him to do something he wants to argue with me and then he winds up putting his hands over his ears and not listening at all hes very disrespectful and my husband is no help at all. its very easy to see how he can be that way towards me because whenever i do say something about his attitude or tell him hes grounded for his behavior my husband undermines me and tells me to shut up or that he'll handle it. my step daughter came over today and whenever she visits my step son acts his worse! he started misbehaving very badly and when i told him to stop he ran to his room and threw everything on his floor my husband told him to pick it all up and to go to bed then my step son he didnt wanna go to bed and wasnt going to well instead of putting his foot down my husband said well pick up the stuff on your floor and then you can play the ps3 with me i told him i didnt think he deserves to play video games after the way he was acting and he said oh well. then i went to my step daughter's room to make sure it was clean like i had told her to do and she had just shoved everything under her bed and on top of her dresser so i took off all the things on the dresser and pulled out the stuff from under the bed and told her to put the stuff where it belongs well she ran off crying to her dad and on the phone with her mom so he came in there telling me to quit being so analistic that its a kids room and its going to be messy and to deal with it i told him i wasnt being analistic but i wanted it to be clean not shoved under the bed and on top of the dresser just because the floors clear doesnt make it clean if everythings under the bed so he kept yelling at me telling me to give it up and get over it and its not going to be perfect it started a big argument and i got upset and said why dont we just get a fucking divorce and i stormed out of the room and went to my bedroom crying. i came out a little while later and he never said a word to me then an hour later he says well im going to bed and he walked off i followed him to the room and asked if we could talk before he went to bed instead of just going to bed upset and he said he'd rather go to bed mad. i told him i wanted to talk about it and he said well im not the one who said lets get a divorce i told him i only said that because we argue over the littlest things lately so i figured thats what he wanted he said if he wanted that he would of said so. i told him ok well lets talk then and he said no im going to bed you always wanna talk and i just wanna go to bed i told him we needed to talk and he never wants to talk he said what we gotta talk about every damn argument. i just sat there and he was like well. so i told him forget it il see him in the morning and i grabed my pillow and walked out he said oh let me guess your sleeping on the couch. and now here we are so what should i do. is there anything that i can do to change his attitude.
im sorry if its hard to read i was upset writing this and didnt think about paragraphs. and i dont know how to edit it to put them in there.
also about the discipline thing when we got married almost two years ago we discussed that i could discipline them as they were my own kids except i cant spank them. up until recently my step son always respected me and never hesitated to listen to me but now hes completely changed ever since his sister moved out and he thinks that threatening to go live with his mom will get him out of doing things.
and ever since my step daughter moved in with her mother all she has to do is cry to get her way with her dad cause he dont want her calling her mom saying shes ready to come home.
ok alot of people are saying to leave the discipline to their father but i cant all the time.
like i said my step son lives with us full time i stay at home all day with him while his dad is at work so i need the respect and ability to tell him to do things and expect him to listen.
i cant stay here with him all the time with him not listening to me its not like i can run to his father for everything because i am the one here hes not.

she is 14 and i found condom's in her suite case and cigarettes plus when i had some money missing i looked threw her dresser drawers to find she was also drinking beer as she had a can of beer half gone.Her father and I also had a long talk with her concerning her choices that she is thinking about plus the ones shes already made . She came this past week and she still had cigarettes in her suite case so i talked to her again. The the worst part is her dad called on Friday and he could tell someone was there as she was giggling and when he asked her who was there and she said a friend only to find out when he picked her up it was a boy and she wasn't truthful with her dad about a boy being there. Well this week end my husband video a wedding and he got his daughter in the video and when we viewed it we saw she had a hickey on her neck. The problem is every time my husband tries to talk to her mother the mother changes the situation around to make either the dad or the step mother look bad and it just makes my husband furious . My step child's mother can't stand me ,her step mom so what do you do in a situation like this ? Tell the mother any way? I 'm worried she will end up with a child .

I used to be REALLY REALLY close to my dad, and when i was 7 my parents split. Now i only see dad every second weekend, and he calls me every night which shows he really cares, but the past 5 times he has called we have a fight, about silly things, and hes the one acting more immature. ever since mom and dad split i havent been as close to dad, but i dont want to be fighting with him for the rest of my life. I have been angry at him b4 though, like one time he and his girlfriend decided to get engaged, and at the engagment party there was photo's of every living soul there, EXEPT ME! his own daughter! i forgave him but a year later, they went on a holiday 4 2 weeks, then when they came home i found a wedding dress in the spare room closet and i asked dad if they got married while they were away and he sed 'no why would i ever do somehting like that and not tell you?' but 2 MONTHS later we were watching TV and dad sed he wanted to show me a video from their holiday, and it was a video of the getting married on the beach. he goes all over the state and to all these fancy holtels with my step mom and NEVER takes me. I know my dad loves me but i dont know why he keeps doing this. plz help any advice would be good.

I love my mother to death, she's the only parent I've ever known. But she's over controlling and mean. I know that she's trying to protect me but instead of protecting me, she's destroyed me. At my age I have no close friends because most don't speak her language, and she doesn't want to meet anyone who's parents she can't understand.And I've become afraid of people because never once I've hear her speak normal to me, she's either loud, or screaming. My brother gets better treatment form her, and he does nothing but eat and play video games.I was obese when i was nine, over 8 years old, and she never let me forget it. It wasn't my fault, I grew separate from her for almost 4 years, and in that country, being a chubby girl is lucky 'cause there's not enough food. We would go to the mall and she would pass by stores like the Limited Too and tell me how she wished I was small enough so she could buy me all those clothes. I was hurt, even if she probably didn't mean how it sounded. From there on, I grew up having so little self esteem I'm afraid of talking to people, and I'm almost an adult. I got thin by the time i entered high school because i started doing track, she gained weight, and let's just say she looked at me with disdain. Now she lost the weight, I'm a senior, we weight the same, and now she looks down upon me.

She grew up on her own and worked her way up by being a maid in different homes and now she's living great. Now sh expects me to be like her. Exactly like her. She wants me to do chores and act like she wants, not me doing what she wants in a way that's easier for me. I've always had the lowest vision of myself as possible and have always been a tomboy, but every now and then i like to dress up. There's so little days when I feel pretty and happy, and I like dressing up because it makes me feel even better. When i do, my mom tends to get super angry with me. She says it's like I'm trying to outdo her and that I think I'm all that. I weight 140 lbs. and tiny for my size, and she still calls me fat.I'm happy with it, really happy, I look in the mirror and think myself beautiful, for the first time in my life. I have a figure I'm proud to own, and she hates it. She told me that! I tend to read and study a lot, and she says that I may be book smart but I'm definitely not a girl, that ain't going to get me nowhere, and men hate disobedient women, ans she wouldn't be surprised if got beat up by one if I did. Most people think I'm doing great fro someone my age, I'm working my butt of to be the best I can be and to make it far, but she says that ain't good. I think I'm going through depression, but I'm afraid to tell her because she says I am not supposed to follow "teorias"., theories in Spanish. Our house is so clean that i think it's dust proof. Even still she says it's dirty and i don't see it! Our entire house is beige and clean, and I like my room being a little out of order from the rest of the house because otherwise i feel like I'm at an asylum. My room is clean compared to most kids. I have no mess, just a lot of books. She says it's dirty. She wants me to make friends with daughters of women she knows, but then it becomes a drag because she compares me to them. They come out perfect and I come out the "MAN". She's even threatened me to abuse when i don't do what she says, and she has even abused me in public, for the littlest things possible. Example, in July 4th of this year, I got away for a little bit and went to a school playground, it was only 4 houses away from ours. I like taking pictures and they were throwing fireworks, so I stayed a little. Let's just say a few minutes later she came in barging, ripped of my blouse, slapped me, kept yelling at me, and all the way back to the house kept punching me and kept calling me an ungrateful child. I don't know what to do anymore. I can't ask anyone because I have no one but her. My brother has his dad and his family. I tried getting a job just to get out but there's a shortage and she doesn't want me to get one more than 5 miles away from home. I try to be like she wants, but i feel dead. There are times when I wanted to leave, but i can't because I've worked so hard to get into a good college. Now's my last year in high school and i want to be happy. I can't take counseling or therapy because she thinks she'll be put on the spot. I've even thought of suicide, but i scratched that off, because i realized it ain't worth it. What should i do at this point? She's now more relentless than ever, and little by little, I'm falling apart. Talking to her alone ain't enough, believe me, I've tried in the most amiable way possible. Can't count on step father, since he has tried to help me in the past, and she yelled at him. My brother is on her good side, and even though he hates how she treats me, he doesn't want her to suddenly treat him like me. I've tried to stand up to her, and my hair suffered. Is this what parents want from their kids, t
Stalion, are you sure this is her job?! Normal people don't make their kids go through this crap and blame them for it, when they really had no fault at it. If it's a mom's job to make a kid want to kill herself everyday of her life, feel like an outsider,make her feel terrible of being born, and put her aside just to please some guys then i'm ashamed to call myself a woman, and look worse upon you for calling yourself human. I love her, I really do, but no one should accept crap like this from no one. What planet did you grow up in if you don't mind my asking?
And i want to thank the rest for really trying to help me out, i saw the colors, and I'm on my way to fix it. I feel alive again, your answers helped me out. And i shocked the family by speaking my real mind for the first time in years. They thought i was some kind of poet. Where'd they got that I don't know. But got the message. They didn't take it well. But at least i got it out and told her that I can forgive some things, after all she's human, but not completely. I'm trying. Therapy or a psychologist aren't options unfortunately. I don't know if i can completely forgive and forget, but i can move forward. And i think that's the best i could do. (((Love you all)))

--- First of all, sorry for double posting.

My dad is heavily in debt. About $25k. He had bought this piece of land long ago in Vietnam that is now worth about $30k and I suggested him that he sell that land to pay off his debts but he keeps disagreeing without telling me a reason. Right now he's living paycheck to paycheck and even I, his teenage daughter, is stressing out about it. I know that my duty is to just learn but I cannot get this situation out of my head. I'm very concerned. My "step mother" who lives in Vietnam has a baby and they're about to come to the USA soon. My brother is a high school dropout who does nothing but sits at home and play video games BUT has a wife IN VIETNAM WHO IS ALSO HAVING A BABY. It is horrible. What should I do? What should my dad do? No matter how many times we've tried to convince my brother, he never listens, and that pisses me off as well. He refuses to take his driver's test and refuses to get a job. Yet he still eats our rice and locks himself in that room.

My dad is heavily in debt. About $25k. He had bought this piece of land long ago in Vietnam that is now worth about $30k and I suggested him that he sell that land to pay off his debts but he keeps disagreeing without telling me a reason. Right now he's living paycheck to paycheck and even I, his teenage daughter, is stressing out about it. I know that my duty is to just learn but I cannot get this situation out of my head. I'm very concerned. My "step mother" who lives in Vietnam has a baby and they're about to come to the USA soon. My brother is a high school dropout who does nothing but sits at home and play video games BUT has a wife IN VIETNAM WHO IS ALSO HAVING A BABY. It is horrible. What should I do? What should my dad do? No matter how many times we've tried to convince my brother, he never listens, and that pisses me off as well. He refuses to take his driver's test and refuses to get a job. Yet he still eats our rice and locks himself in that room.

It is said that theirs is a time in a persona��s life when they start living. For some ita��s when there born and others ita��s near their death, but for me ita��s at my sixteen years of living, and at this time I really needed a change. Right now Ia��m on my way to see my future step- dad. Mom says hea��s a musician just like me. Wrong! Hea��s nothing like me hea��s does those stupid theme song for those gay cereal ads. Thata��s nothing like what the sounds I make. Mom basically insulted me by comparing me to him. Back to the present were walking up to his door he has retarded lawn gnomes in his yard I didna��t think they made those things anymore. a�?Hey lookie here ita��s the Azter nice to ya.a�? Hold up did this guy just call me Azter thata��s the lamest nickname I ever heard like with Azzy queen of the Asses, Azbeen, and my full name Azshygirlz ( I know it sucks) This guy just earned him self a strike. a�?Come to Papaa�? Strike two a�?Gimme a huga�? Strike three hea��s out of here. If therea��s on thing to know about me I so dona��t do hugs

a�?May I go to my room nowa�? I asked my mom (notice that I didna��t ask the owner of the house who was way out of strikes.)

a�?Why dona��t you ask Brucea�? said my so not helping mother. You know for the name Bruce you expect a big guy with a lot of muscle, but not this Bruce he was such a string bean, shot Sanjaya has more Muscle mass then him. Thata��s not very good if you ask me. I turn to my Steppy who was still in the position for a hug witch he was so not going to get.

a�?May I go to my room now?a�?
a�?Not until I get my hug
a�?Ifa�� thata��s the case then Ia��ll sleep out here with the teletubies
a�?Ha, ha a great sense of humor, I love it
a�?Actually you only have five senses and humora��s not one of them.a�?
a�?Wow were the do you get these jokesa�?
a�?Jokes R usa�?
a�?Beautiful, beautiful come on inside. The phone started ringing when we entered.

a�?Azzy could you answer that, thank you.a�? What am I a secretary, he better not get used to this.

a�?Talk to mea�? I said in to the phone.a�?
a�?Hi Ia��m from the Greenfielda��s incorporated and I would like to see if you were in interested in our lawn service we come to your house Three daya��s out of the week to cut your grass tend to you plant we even do gardens for extra cost. So what do you think?a�?

a�?I dona��t have a lawna�? I lied while looking at that green in front of me through a thick plane glass window with ugly olive green curtains what was he thinking when he bought those.

a�?You dona��t have lawn?a�? Said the caller sounding confused
a�?Not a pitch of green a round here, so we dona��t need your service
a�?Okay then bye
a�?Whatevera�? It so so fun to lie to those idiots who try to sell you crap ita��s so fun, with tee-peeing old lady houses, and stage diving.
a�?Oh Azter I still didna��t get my huga�?
a�?And you still wona��t if you keep calling me that.a�? This guy doesna��t know who hea��s messing with.

Today Mom dragged me to the mall for some stupid mother, daughter time. Were at Abercrombie and Finch, She loves this store even though she to big breasted and wide hipped to fit into any of the clothes.

a�?Isna��t this the cutest pair of jeans pair of jeans you ever seen?a�?
a�?Their alrighta�? I say. I actually love those jeans but to keep up we dona��t have anything in common thing going I lie. a�?Can we go to Hot Topic now?a�? My mother frowns she hates that store. She says that those clothes in there are not appropriate to wear outside in public, but I dona��t give Frick Ia��ll go their anyway.

a�?Not until you try these pants on. Theya��ll look so fab on youa�? she says. Theya��ll look so fab on you dona��t you hate it when Adults that are so out try to be in. There should be a law against that.

a�?Go on Azzy try them on the dressing rooms are this way.a�? I trudged my way to the dressing room were this brunette girl was standing.

a�?Hi do you need a dressing room come on in Ia��ll get on for youa�? said the girl. I hate when they act all excited about it. Ita��s just a dressing room ita��s not like Ia��m going to a party

a�?Surea�? She opened the room.
a�?Have a good timea�?
a�?Okaya�? What the heck have a good time? What does that even mean? Why would I have a good time? She has a problem. I pulled the pants over my hip buttoned them up, and looked in the mirror. I didna��t look bad, but who I am kidding I look great. They make my hips, legs and Abs look good.

a�?Azzy try this shirt ona�? She left it on top of the door. It was a pink tee with Abercrombie and Finch. Ita��s on it. Thata��s what I hate about this store the name is right on it. Ita�� either say Abercrombie, Abercrombie and Finch, or just Finch everybody knows wear you shop at cause it says so on your shirt that why I only buy jeans here cause their names on the label and nobody looks their. I tried the shirt on I looked good in it but ita��s just not my thing.

a�?Sweetie come on outa�? and I did
a�?You look cute those jeans really show off your booteea�? She says giving it a slapa�?
a�?Mom dona��t do that ita��s so gaya�?
a�?Isna��t that in a song doesna��t go like this? Them baggy sweat pants and the Reeboks with the straps, with straps. She turned around and gave that big booty a smack ayy she hit the flo; she hit the flow next thing you know shawty got low, low, low, low. Low, low, low, low.a�? She did the dance to as she sang and boy did do it wrong half of the store was watching and I think I saw a guy video taping it

a�?Mom stop it your embarrassing you self leta��s pay for the jeans and leta��s go.
a�?You dona��t want the shirt?a�?
a�?Ia��ll get one at Hot Topica�?
a�?Alright get out of those so I can pay for them. I headed back it to the room to change as I was changing I might want to find that guy with the camera phone.

My husband (my kids step-dad) is really hard on my kids. They are 10 and 6 and he is always yelling at them, getting frustrated with them and putting rules in place that he doesn't put on his own kids. His son lives with us and is 15. He seems to look the other way when his son does some of the same things my kids do. The 15 year old does NOTHING around the house but play video games, but my kids are required to clean, do dishes, and are yelled at if they don't. I've tried talking to him about this, but he just blows me off. He says that I'm accusing him of "hating my kids". I don't feel that way, but I just don't think its fair to expect so much from mine, but be so easy on his. His 17 year old daughter lives with her boyfriend and his 15 year old son gives new meaning to the word lazy....I don't think he is any position to judge my parenting skills? HELP!

moms... help please I need a b day ideas for my 26 yr old husband!?
he likes video games but has them all he works a lot 7 days a week 8-12 hrs a day when he gets home he likes to spend time at home with his 7 yr old step son and 5 month old daughter....

he is a good dad and I am clueless.

I cant think of anything!!

please help

moms... help please I need a b day ideas for my 26 yr old husband!?
he likes video games but has them all he works a lot 7 days a week 8-12 hrs a day when he gets home he likes to spend time at home with his 7 yr old step son and 5 month old daughter....

he is a good dad and I am clueless.

I cant think of anything!!

please help

moms... help please I need a b day ideas for my 26 yr old husband!?
he likes video games but has them all he works a lot 7 days a week 8-12 hrs a day when he gets home he likes to spend time at home with his 7 yr old step son and 5 month old daughter....

he is a good dad and I am clueless.

I cant think of anything!!

please help

okay so i have a 9yr old step daughter and i've been married 2 her dad for almost 2 months and well uh she's here 4 the summer but staying with her grandma & well the other day i noticed her being a brat, but what can i do without acting evil 2 her i luv her & i think she's a beautiful and fun little girl but she luvs her wii & luvs video games & she was lk not wanting 2 do anything or leave because it's just not what she wanted she hadn't ate that day & she didn't want too bc she was playing video games & her dad told her to stay with me bcuz he needed 2 go pick up something 4 all of us 2 eat & we still hadn't gone 2 the grocery store so we really didn't have anything 4 all 3 of us to eat bc shes 2 picky well anyway & was lk no i dont wana b here by myself & he told her i would play games with her until he got back & she said no bc i stunk at playing them and she's just spoiled all around like she has a cell phone & shes only 9 & then she wanted me 2 walk 2 get food.. idk wut 2 do

So Ia��m here asking this question because I hope all of you understand what really goes on in this messed up world. The other day when I went to school . The teacher brought our class to the computer lap to type our essays. And the teacher must have walked out for only 45 minutes because another teacher wanted to talk to her. These two boys in my class were laughing and acting all retarded and pretty happy at the same time but I didna��t think much of it. Until they called me over there to go look at what they were watching and like an Idiot I dida��the showed me the most disturbing porno flick I have ever seen they I dona��t know how they did it but they override the schoola��s blocking programa��my point is this is the site they were on and the caption of the video is a�?Mom holding down daughter while step dad has sex with her up the butta�?. then it goes to say a�?the step father always wanted to have anal sex with her step daughter so he threatened his wife that he would leave her watch as the mother hold her for him to save their marriage! I cried when I saw this because something similar like this happened to me and Ia��m still upset about ita��I cannot imagine how you can have a child and then let your husband rape your own childa��and worst part is hold her down I dona��t understand people these days? What is this world coming to? Someone is there anyway you can report this?

My mom converted all of our families home videos to dvds several months ago so she could send copies to family members.

Very recently, we located my step-dads first daughter that he has not seen since she was a little girl. We now keep in touch through Myspace.

My mom is wanting to post a few home videos of my step-dads daughter that she has not had the joy of seeing of when she was just a very lttile girl.

I told her I would help her figure out to get the videos onto her profile, but it seems that I am the one that needs help.

I need to know how I can rip the dvd onto the computer and save it as a file so I can upload it onto my moms Myspace profile.

I have Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker, and Nero StartSmart.

I need detailed instructions ASAP. Just email me if you can help me.

I would so greatly appreciate it and will give the best answer to whoever can help me.

Thank You!!!
It isn't on Myspace.

I need to know how to save it to a file onto my computer coming straight from the dvd.

Whether it is to copy it to my harddrive and then upload it or what.

I just need to know how to get it onto my computer so I can put it on Myspace.

so i don't want any rude answers please. okay so i am and have been trying to think of a way to convince my dad that he needs to go up to canda with me next summer to see my oldest brother. and i ahve feeling that eh won't because of his stupid wife my step mother as you cna tell i dont' really care for her. for many reasons anyways her excuse for not wantign ot go up there with my dad si because they dont' acknowledge her. why should they she is a nosey witch and doesn't like any of my dads family and they dont' like her for many reasons. i told him when i started my job that i wanted him to go up there with me this next summer to see hima nd his grandson who will be five next jan and he hasn't seen him tlaked to him except for seeing pics and a video that my borther sent me when i sent their christmas stuff up to them and they opended it. i also get frustrated with this whole thing cause m niece si really my brothers step daughter but eh is the only dad she has ever known and all
but he doesn't even acknowledge ehr but he does send my nephew things for hsi b day and not her so tryingot be a good aunt i try my best ot send her stuff if i send him somehtingn fo rhsi b day and at christmas i try to do much as possible for both of them but ti is hard especially now caus ei have a nother nice on the way but hat won't stop me from doign for them and they are actually first on my list for x mas thsi year jsut so i can do what i want for them. but i dont' knwo how ot convince my daddy to go wiht me to see them i really want to go see him to cause i ahve not seen him since he moved up there like abotu eight nine years ago so i really miss him anyways i would apperciate any suggestions you can give me and please no rude comments abotu this or anythign thank you in advance for your help

my 9yr old daughter was being abused by her stepdad my husband since she was two. when she was two her dad and i had a huge argument in which he screamed he hated her and for us to get out of his life. around that same time i met my new husband. a couple of months later we got married and i left with my daughter.she and my then husband got along really well and i had work to do in iraq and jaruselem and i decided to leave her with him.i wrote to them called them they sent pictures and evrything seemed to be going fine.his mom was helping him and so was his sister.i didn't know she was being abused then. he paid people to keep their mouth shut about what was going that nine months i was gone she suffered two spiral fractures on both and videos were taken of her but they were altered to cover up the bruises. she suffered a broken nose a fractured shin and bruises from head to toe.the abuse stoped about a month b4 i came home enough time for everything to heal
there was no change in the way she acted.i never suspected abuse when she was 5yrs her dad came back into her life. she told me the abuse started back again when she was 6yrs just not enough to leave bruises. only when she was 8yrs did it get bad. the bruises went unnoticed by everone including her biological dad. i would sometimes have to leave her behind 4 work with her dad who would leave her with her step dad because he 'wanted to spend more time with his wife and three boys'.this is when she was beaten. she would cover them up so no one will notice. her dad soon began neglecting her so i won full custody of her. one evening i left her with her step dad to run errands when i came back he was gone and she was unconcious. that is when i saw the bruises. she was knocked unconcius and suffered spiral fratures on her both legs and her right hand(spiral fratures means they were twisted forcefully).she has bruises all over including two black eyes and a broken collarbone.
there was no change in the way she acted.i never suspected abuse when she was 5yrs her dad came back into her life. she told me the abuse started back again when she was 6yrs just not enough to leave bruises. only when she was 8yrs did it get bad. the bruises went unnoticed by everone including her biological dad. i would sometimes have to leave her behind 4 work with her dad who would leave her with her step dad because he 'wanted to spend more time with his wife and three boys'.this is when she was beaten. she would cover them up so no one will notice. her dad soon began neglecting her so i won full custody of her. one evening i left her with her step dad to run errands when i came back he was gone and she was unconcious. that is when i saw the bruises. she was knocked unconcius and suffered spiral fratures on her both legs and her right hand(spiral fratures means they were twisted forcefully).she has bruises all over including two black eyes and a broken collarbone.
there was no change in the way she acted.i never suspected abuse when she was 5yrs her dad came back into her life. she told me the abuse started back again when she was 6yrs just not enough to leave bruises. only when she was 8yrs did it get bad. the bruises went unnoticed by everone including her biological dad. i would sometimes have to leave her behind 4 work with her dad who would leave her with her step dad because he 'wanted to spend more time with his wife and three boys'.this is when she was beaten. she would cover them up so no one will notice. her dad soon began neglecting her so i won full custody of her. one evening i left her with her step dad to run errands when i came back he was gone and she was unconcious. that is when i saw the bruises. she was knocked unconcius and suffered spiral fratures on her both legs and her right hand(spiral fratures means they were twisted forcefully).she has bruises all over including two black eyes and a broken collarbone.
now her bio dad is threating to fight 4 full custody of her and i am afraid i will lose is it my fault?

i couldn't take hr to iraq it was too dangerous

My (step)daughter's new PSP is having a problem. When she watches a movie (Underdog) on it the Audio is not in synch with the Video by a few seconds. Her Dad loaded the movie onto it for her (memory, not memory stick/card) and it was fine yesterday but now it won't play the Audio with the Video properly.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Hello. I am in such a dark time right now and do not know what to do. Everyone I know is not aloud to talk to me and I am not aloud to be with my partner.

Here is my story in short.

3 days ago I got arrested, police turned up at my Door and said "My Name, youare being arrested for sexual assult of a Child"
I later found out it was meant to be have done on my Step Daughter who lives with me.. She is 4.

It was her dad who got her to say this and also his mum. The father will be moving away in some weeks and has been trying to get custody of his child for a while.

SO in short this is what has happened. they have also done a DVD video of her interview and have taken everything from my house.

My partner (Who does not believe this) is about to have my child in 6 weeks.

I am now on bail and am UNABLE to contact my partner in ANY way and am unable to even go to my home town. All my friends have been told NOT to talk to me or tehy could be charged with Perverting the court of justice .
I am now 100% on my own. I have no loving partner and she has been told if she trys to talk or to see me she could have her child taken off her. ANd when the baby is born she could have that taken away too.

I will not be there for the birth of my child and I have also been stopped from seeing my 2 children from another relationship who i see on weekends. They will also be interviewed.

I have no hope and cant wait to the end. I feel no way out and need to see my partner and am desperate.
The only reason I keep putting it off is because I have children and my partner.

I know it sounds stupid all of this... but till your on your own all of a sudden and being punished for something you did not do it is hard to understand.

I am also scared they might find seman on the child's bed as I have slept in her bed when she has been at her dads. ANd i suffer from night terrors which can make me do strange and odd things in teh night.
I am alone though. I have no one. My whole family live in the town and tehy are too scared to talk to me.

I live in England.

I do not want to run away from this. But i would also like to know what would happen if i did. andif i could get my partner to come with me.
Thing about sueing him is i gota prove it. ANd the things she is saying could be true (But from another person) so maybe he is not involved and the real person needs to be got.

I don't see how they can do this. I am meant to be innocent till proven guilty
I just wish i could find someoen who has gone through this type of thing. Then i would be bale to find out how he/she got through it.

Thanks guys and Gals
The reason ive not talked much about her is because I have spent all day talking about her and am sick of it. I know i never done anything and if she has had something happen to her it was not by me. I am worried about her and would love to find out why she did this.

I have an 8 y.o. stepson who I've known since he was 4.At first, we've gotten along well - good listener, gave hugs (I could tell he wasn't used to any hugs) and was happy to come see his dad. I never want to 'get in the way' of he and his dad's relationship as I have 2 kids of my own: 1 older son and a daughter who is a year younger than my stepson.
Long story short, I'm not sure if it's his age, but when I ask him to do something like clean up after himself, stop playing a game to brush his teeth...he gives me a mean look (the evil stepmother look). What does it mean? Besides "I don't want to do it" or "why are YOU telling me what to do" I don't treat my kids any different in terms of helping clean around the house. I don't make him eat or do things he doesn't want to. My hubby knows that I worry about him (picky eater, doesn't want to do anything else but play video games).Should I stop asking him and let his dad tell him? *Just trying to teach them all responsibility* Advice pls.

At work we were putting the world to rights one lunch time and we got onto the subject of child protection laws (don't ask how!)

Then I remembered this film I'd seen a few years ago.

It was a pretty low budget, straight to TV American film, shown on Sky Movies 8 at 3pm or something.

It was about this dad who had a daughter about 2 years old, and she was about to start walking. The guy had a video camera ready for whenever she took her first steps.

One day he was bathing her and the phone/doorbell rang, so he took her out of the bath, pulled out the plug and wrapped her in a towel on the floor (like a resonsable parent!) and went the answer the phone/door.

When he turned around his little girl had walked out of the bathroom, obviously she was naked. Without thinking the guy started filing his daughters first steps to show his family.

Then some nosey neighbour found the tape and to cut a long story short he went to prison.

Does any know what it's called?

My x pulls up in front of my house honks for our daughter to run out to the minivan. If I step out on the porch i get my picture taken and just lately she was videotaping me?? I had to call the police the last exchange because she had someone watching the exchange from across the street in the dark. Should I be concerned?? The police said it is a public street and they couldn't so anything. My daughter cries on the way to the van...Any suggestions??? Dad just wanting to see his daughter without exwife interferrring

She's 23 years old and in law school, and her dad is paying the full tuition, fees and all her expenses, including credit cards, vacations, and a nice, new relatively expensive car so she doesn't have to start her life after school under the pressure of students loans and debts. But she doesn't pay any attention to what she's spending. She routinely leaves food out of the fridge overnight to go bad, buys expensive clothes she never wears and throws them out with the tags still on them, rents videos and never returns them, and refers to herself as being one of the 'rich kids at school'. While her dad's taking care of her needs out of his feeling of obligation, he's far from rich. Would it be completely out of line for me to try to enforce some discipline? I know the whole evil step-mom scenario. At this rate, her dad will have to work extra years before retiring, and it's not serving her to not learn the value of money or how to budget. The waste is very hard for me to handle.

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